Hotel Kroupi is located in the center of the beautiful village Elati in Trikala and it is build with traditional architecture. Your stay in one of the 12 rooms and 2 apartments of the Hotel Kroupi into a welcoming and warm environment will be an unique experience.

The rooms of the Hotel Kroupi is traditionally decorated based on wood and rock and has a unique view to the fair forest of the mountains Koziaka, Pindos and Agrafa. Meet Elati and Pertouli villages and a lot of tourist activities that the region offers through our website. We expect meet you soon and to see the beauties of our region.

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Ski - Ski Mountaineering

Mount Olympus comprises one of the most popular albeit interesting ski mountaineering destinations within the Greek territory. Ski mountaineering began taking place on the slopes of Mount Olympus during the...


A large network of forest roads stretching between the villages of Elati, Pertouli and Neraidochori which are offered to hike through the lush forests.


Elati is a paradise for lovers of mountaineering. The number of mountains and the variety of paths is large. Some of the mountains of our region is Koziakas 1901m, Marosa 2066m, Avgo 2148m, Mpountoura 2067m, Neraida 2134m, Mavropouli 1721m, Kakarditsa 2429m, Karavoula 1862m and many more.

Road Tours

The mountain range of Pindos includes a large number of isolated mountain villages. Starting from Elati you can visit the site by road from Karditsa, Arta until Metsovo and Meteora.
The road routes that we suggest is the following :


The main road that connects the villages are ideal for street bike treks when there are not much traffic. The network of forest roads is suitable for mountain bike along with a tour of the mountains of our region. Beautiful and easy cycling routes can be made starting from the ski Pertouliou through the dense forest of fir trees of the surrounding area.

Jeep Trails

In mountain villages Elati, Pertouli and Neraidochori there is a large number of small roads for jeep. We recommend some of the most beautiful trails.
1. Beginning location Tziatzias - Lixa - Vlacha - Korp and ending in the village Vrontero.
2. Xilochori - climb up the mountain Mavropouli and goes to Stournareika and Petrochori.


Just 15 minutes walk from Elati there is an organized climbing site in Red Rock location. The Red Rock has a height of 60 meters and there are seven climbing routes with difficulty from VI to IX and in negative slope. In Pili, there are four major climbing sites with many routes and with varius difficulties for beginners up to advanced level climbers. In total there are more than 100 routes in good quality limestone. Finally, Meteora is an international climbing routes with more that 500 miltipitch routes.


In meadows of Pertouliou 7km from Elati, ecotourism operators offering horses to ride. Is it possible to do a short walk through the meadows of Pertouliou and up a daily ascent in one of the surrounding mountains following the hiking trails.

Kayak - Rafting - Swimming - Fishing

On the river Achelous, the summer months are given the opportunity to try kayaking. Specifically there are kayaking in place Alexiou the way to the mountain village Gardiki as well as the community at position Aspropotamos Tria Potamia (Three Rivers).


The area of ​​Aspropotamos of particular geological and morphological character, thus hiding a remarkable number of horizontal and vertical caves. Specifically, the mountain Koziakas structured to a greater extent from the limestone susceptible to erosion is the focus of speleological interest. With processes take time and water created spectacular potholes and caves, explored or not. Some of them are the cave of Mpei sink that collects a part of the mountain water (there is a detailed article here), the vertical Hole Volioti impressive chasm 85 meters two snowpit the Tsimouris the Pitsinisi is a narrow discontinuities 75 meters depth and others. While nearby there are underground rivers "Kazania", "Legko" and "Aera" near Pyrra villages, Desi and Palaiokarya respectively. Finally the neighboring mountain Itamos located Koudounotrypa, still an impressive precipice and deeper so far in the region, a depth of 105 meters. Many of these caves recorded caving Thessaloniki Proteus, a mission carried out in 2011. Finally Cave Bey can visit the group of people accompanied by experienced speleologist and in consultation with the hotel.

Ski Mountaineering

Snow Leopard Day 4-5/2/2017 South Pindos



Augoustiatiko Feggari - New trad climbing route in Koziakas

Augustiatiko Feggari, IV+, 360m
Elati, Wall of Arkoudtrypa, Koziakas
Nikos Kroupis, Lakis Koufogazos, Petros Tolias
10 & 11 August 2014
The route is located on the wall of Arkoudotrypa just over Elati village from where is visible.The wall is about  500 meters long and 300 meters high. This wall is ideal for opening a lot of new traditional routes. The ridge is up to 1600m altitude.The begin of the route is difficult but higher is easier passing through small trees.The route opened in two days, 10/8/2014 climbed the first 2 pitches and the next day 11/8/2014 climbed all the route to the summit.


A new route has been open, the traverse of Marosa-Avgo by the ridge

Often heard in the mountain taking about traversing the peaks of Marosa to Avgo from many groups / clubs, although they use to do a part of the ridge by skipping parts of the ridge. In fact the peaks and points that must to traverse in order to complete the route are: Loupata highest peak 2066m - trigonometric Loupata 2063m  - nose in Fourka 2008m - Marosa 1967m - trigonometric Ornio 2022m - Ornio highest peak 2044m – Kedros 1925m and Avgo (Egg) 2146m. The two major problems in the ridge (difficult passages) are first of Loupata to Marosa (instead Fourka) and secondly from the Ornio to Avgo.